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Weed Whacking Wednesday

One of the hazards of life on the edge of the Boreal Forest… especially if you’re woolly like I am! I do my best to get rid of them myself, but I always end up needing a helping hand. They prickle something awful!

These things depress me.

These things depress me.

I scratch at them, I try to roll them off, I even dive into the snow trying to freeze them off.

I scratch at them, I try to roll them off, I even dive into the snow trying to freeze them off.

The end result is always the same.... Elizabeth must help me get rid of them.

The end result is always the same…. Elizabeth must help me get rid of them.

Ouch! You're pulling my wool!

Ouch! You’re pulling my wool!

That's this outing's harvest. Burdoch seeds and my wool pulling them all together. Another form of Dog Art?

That’s this outing’s harvest. Burdock seeds and my wool pulling them all together. Another form of Dog Art?

Sometimes Life is a Bummer

Remember this?

Well… I’m still ITCHY!

Elizabeth took me to see Dr. Celia on Friday, and she prescribed a different antibiotic and anti-histamine. But by the time we got out of Dr. Celia’s place, the pharmacy was closed.

Then we had the first winter storm of the season.

We were snowed/iced in for three days.

By this morning, I was going crazy with ITCH. I was scratching and chewing my elbow. I was suffering dreadfully in my, er… nether region. My belly ITCHED. My chest ITCHED. My ears were OooOOoooH, soOOoo ITCHY! Even my mouth was ITCH ITCH ITCHING!

Elizabeth phoned my friends at the Vets’ and they gave me an 11:00 appointment.

We walked down from the bookshop. It’s nice and crisp out and the sidewalks are mostly clear now. We had to wait for the lights to change at the corner of Second and Matheson streets so we could cross to the Vets’ side and walk down the hill toward the Lake. I wanted to slide down on my bum, but that wouldn’t have been very lady-like. If the sidewalks still had snow on them, I might have done it anyway, though. I’m that ITCHY!

Well, I got up on the metal box that tells everyone how fat I am, and I weighed only 111.5 pounds. I think I’ve scratched it all off. And you know, Dr. Celia didn’t even notice I’d lost weight? Oh, well…

I think she just thought I hadn’t lost ENOUGH, because the next thing I know, she’s got the buzzy hand-held machine on and suddenly, all my elbow wool is gone! There is nothing more degrading to a Great Newfenees than wool loss. Nothing.

Then she pried up my tail to check my, er… nether region. Well, that was really humiliating, too, because I’ve been so ITCHY there… I’m missing a lot of bum wool now, too. It just kinda came out as I chewed at the ITCHINESS. I couldn’t help it. I just. Couldn’t. Help it.  -:o(=

Dr. Celia put something called steroid spray all over my elbow and, er… nether region. That stopped the itching (Ohhhh… Thank YOU, Dr. Celia!). Then she sent for one of the assistants… who came in with…. Oh, I just can’t bear the humiliation. And everyone in Kenora saw us as we walked back to the bookshop. And while we waited for the lights to change at the corner.  People moved away from me. People gave Elizabeth knowing smiles as they passed….



They Set the Clocks Ahead too Far!

I’m overdue for Spring Blow-Out.

No, that isn’t a major annual digestive event. And no, Elizabeth is not having a big Spring Sale at the bookshop.

It’s hot outside, and I still have all my winter wool on. It’s time to blast it out of my skin and into the birds’ nests, wool bags and other various receptacles that can use it to more advantage than I can right now.

Last weekend, the two-leggers turned their clocks ahead one hour. But I think somewhere someone important put theirs ahead a bit too far. It’s still supposed to be cold out for another few weeks. And yes, I am complaining. I’m too hot!

Squawky White flappers - they look whiter from underneath...

Squawky White flappers - they look whiter from underneath...

It must’ve been Someone Really Important, because the summer flappers are coming home early, too. On our walk to the Cathedral last night after work, Elizabeth and I watched the white squawky flappers flying over the harbour. What’s that about? Don’t they know it’s too soon? They aren’t supposed to come here for another two weeks almost! And as we crossed one of the big bridges on the way to work today, I saw long-necked flappers swimming in the water below (it was warm enough that my car window was down for the trip). They weren’t my long-necked flappers, ’cause they weren’t calling hello to me; my long-necked flappers have more sense to be home this early, I like to think.

There are huge patches of the yard without white stuff on them now. The river looks like it’s thinking about turning splashy soon. It shouldn’t go splash for another month at least!

Balsam Firs - How can anyone NOT like Winter?

Balsam Firs - How can anyone NOT like Winter?

Winter is my favourite time of year. I love the cold. I love the white fluffy stuff. I love running through it and diving into it and lying in it and eating it…. I’m really upset. Where was Winter this year? Did I miss it? Who stole Winter? GRRRRRR.

So, I am forced to stage a protest. I’m having my biggest Spring Blow-Out ever. If you come into the bookshop and see a big white ball of wool rolling through the aisles, that’s just the beginning. Forget about dust-bunnies this Spring, two-leggers! The DUST-HARES are about to invade!

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