The adventuresome life of a Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland dog in Northwestern Ontario

Mail for Me?

Last evening when Kay came to take us home from work, there were some paper things sitting on Elizabeth’s seat in the car. One was larger than the others and fatter – looked like it might make a good chew…. Sure enough, Elizabeth said to Kay, “Oh, this one is for Stella!”

But it wasn’t really, at least not in the way I had anticipated.

It was a book, which Elizabeth spent the evening reading while I curled up on her bed beside her and sniffed it over. There was a picture of a yellow dog on it that looked a bit like my pal Bud.

Bud isn’t doing too well these days, apparently. I haven’t seen him, but Elizabeth had an email from Joanne. She tells me that it said Bud has a condition that is wasting some of his muscles so he is having trouble eating, drinking and getting into the car to come for a visit now. She says he may not be able to come and see me again. That makes me sad, ’cause Bud was my first ever dog friend. He came over to visit me when I was just a pup – my first ever visitor, in fact! Elizabeth says his vet is helping him to get better, and he is improving slowly. I hope he’s all better soon.

I dogress. ~:o)=

The book…

Elizabeth has written a review for her bookshop site which I will reblog for you to read.

I think it was a good book, too, though. Since she read it I’ve had three doggie spa treatments. My hips in particular are awfully sore these days and I’m still a bit clumsy back there. Cory’s Story, Elizabeth says, made her realise that I was hurting and why – it’s that KBr stuff she gives me now in my ‘chicken’. Her massages feel good, and I seem to be hurting less today. She says she learned some other things she’s going to look into further, too. I think maybe she’d like to see me better almost as much as I would!

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